February 23, 2009

Setting up to cover the last outside wall.

Jose scooping the mixture out of the hopper so Marcos can spread it on the balcony walls.

I think Marcos is either very tired or trying to decide if he will still have his job if he spreads that trowel load of cement on the camera lens. (or maybe on that pesky photographer?)

Marcos is also covering the rough dome top of the balcony.

More smoothing done on the balcony "roof".

Wall meets dome.

The balcony wall where it meets the dome over the balcony door. For reference, the light fixture box is on the wall over the balcony door.

Ray has taken off the pieces forming the shape and is examining the basement regress door.

The bathroom studs before fastening to the dome.

Shannon is fastening the bathroom studs to the dome.

All studs attached.

Shannon had removed the studs at the wrong end of the storage area behind the bathroom.

I don't see the problem. What's so bad about having to crawl through the kitchenette bottom cabinet to service the water heater?

The studs have been put back.

The studs taken off at the end we will use to get back to the water heater.

The picture is blurry, but shows the curve of the bathroom's rear wall quite well.

The behind the bathroom wall area entrance is in Dave's closet where it will be hidden, but easy to get to. Our house is going to have all sorts of hidden spaces, secret passages and secret doors. May need to use GPS to find our way around.

The beginnings of the doorway headers. The bathroom doorway is in front of the right step ladder, which is in the shower/sink room doorway. The bathroom to sitting room doorway is to the right.

Dave's closet door at the balcony end of the closet.

The sitting room to stairway door frame. I may regret reminding her, but I sure am glad she didn't insist on arches on the second floor like she did on the first. The doorway framing on each end of the divider wall adds immense stiffness to the wall by anchoring it to the walls at both ends.

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