February 21, 2009

The back porch in daylight.

This is the kitchenette end of the bathroom. Behind the curved wall will be the 20 gallon water heater we are currently using for the motor home.

Close up of the balcony walls.

Other side of the balcony.

Above the balcony door.

The new look of the back of the house. I didn't know they were going to start covering the wood walls of the back porch. We didn't have the doggie door dimensions yet and now Marcos has to cut the hole. David went on line to check on rough openings for medium doggie doors. The balcony walls got the tar paper/chicken wire cover put on.

These next pictures show the end of the water heater storage room where the opening will be at the edge of David's closet. As expected, the studs got put in while I was at work and Shannon was not thinking of how to get into that area. Now he has to remove the 2 shortest studs.

Notice the curved wall at the back of the bathroom. Behind that wall will be hiding the small water heater we are currently using for the motor home shower. Not sure if we can store anything else back there.

This is where the doggie door will be cut. Marcos will take care of that on Monday the 23rd.

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