February 19, 2009

Egress Door

Making the mold for the egress securing cement pour.

The egress assembly in position and the drain installed.

The cement poured. Once cured, the egress will be done except for the inside access. I want a ladder, but Su-z wants stairs. Time and headroom dimensions will decide.

The egress poured. The mold will be removed after curing and the house will have its inside opening emergency egress.

The overview shots show the egress position in relation to the dome. (South west "corner".)


The balcony floor's coating of cement. There is a slight downward pitch from the door to the outer edge of the balcony for drainage.

I would have liked to have had the railing base installed so that it would have been encased in the cement pour, but we still have to decide on the railing we want. Just one more of the little decisions to be made and expenses to be paid.

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